You might as well just not grab at all since Grab Tier 4 Stage 1 is practically useless and it defeats the purpose of Grab.

As a destroyer myself, it cringes me hard when I run out of focus when attacking grabbed boss in SilverFrost blue/heroic dungeons. The worse part is when I tell them to spec Tier 3 Stage 2 instead, some of them insist Tier 4 Stage 1 is better.

When a destroyer grabs a boss, he's basically telling everyone "time to spam abilities for a good 6 seconds!". Let's see what each spec does.

Grab Tier 4 Stage 1

1.defense reduction 10%, stack up to 5 times

With how penetration stats works in this game, you only need 15% piercing to negate the defense of most bosses on the current patch. 50% defense reduction makes no difference at all.

2.10% focus damage

Only useful in PvP, as it's obvious.

Grab Tier 3 Stage 2

1.increase 5% crit rate, stack up to 10 times

 Apparently stacks reset when you crit. Certain abilities trigger off crit.

2.20% focus recovery

never run out of chi for these who are attacking

It's obvious that Tier 3 stage 2 is the one u wanna spec.

This situation is similar to "auto-detonate" scenario for FM. Unless someone tells you that you are wrong, it's hard to find out the mistake yourslef. Please, my fellow destoyers, spec Grab Tier 3 Stage 2.

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