We know the benefits of premium membership for a long time, and it caused no particular anger. It was a nice boost, in particular for those who play regularly but little. Therefore comfort. The problem is that increasingly, the shop becomes a must for not being frustrated, especially at the last event.

At this event, you could open once each day offering a safe two random rewards, and you had to choose one (or none) against some currency. You could open more sites for more choice in this opening (by buying the corresponding objects in the shop). Via the keys (in the shop) you could open several times a day the trunk. The problem arose when the players realized that the most interesting rewards were still in the last lines to unlock. Among these awards, some are priceless (special gems that increase the power of the character). The frustration was very strong at this event where players have spent hundreds of euros without satisfaction.

Where NCSoft could ease somewhat the climate would be to avoid multiple such events too tied to the shop and too uncertain because the impression remains is that in addition to pay a subscription he must also pay for limited periods (events) by undergoing more random with his money. Of course the players have wanted to avoid spending too much money and go through the Exchange. Given the current rate divided by 3 in less than a month, we see the result.

Currently, if you want to optimize, it is above a Pay-to-play classic. And when we talk about optimization, it leans dangerously towards the pay-to-win, especially in PvP context. Besides, the next update brings a new mode of PvP (6v6) where the equipment and the characteristics of the characters are NOT standardized: all the PvE equipment count.

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