The first photo teasert the new content going in Blade & Soul soon to start - at least in Korea. Sinister art lurks.


In Korea Blade & Soul is mechanically.


On the Korean website of Blade & Soul, a new poster was unveiled in recent days, which gives a first impression of the adventures that await in the future of the game. Obviously leads the next dungeon in some modern fields, in the prevailing strange machines and newfangled technology. At least the poster conveys a sense of somber art and cybernetic implants that improve the fighters across the border of humanity also continued.


If and when this content appear exactly, but is still in the stars. One or two milk streets is then written when this dungeon, found along with his new armor sets, and the way in our western version of the game.


In my opinion, Blade & soul is a perfect RPG game. We can have fun when we play it. No matter how the Blade & Soul change, I will still continue to play.


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